Shinnosuke Kujou
Name Shinnosuke Kujou
Kanji 九条 慎之介
Romanji Kujō Shinnosuke
Race Human
Gender Male
Relatives Haruka Kujou (grandson), Kanata Kujou (grandson; deceased)
First Appearance
Manga Debut N/A

Shinnosuke Kujo is Haruka Kujo's grandfather and is only an anime character.


Mostly seen wearing a black cloak covering his entire body from below the neck and wearing the mask of a cow's skull with red glints through the eye sockets.


It's unknown of his true personality as it had been Haruka acting as his grandfather. During the flashbacks, he is shown to be obsessive of obtaining an eternal life; immortality and researching dark magic, curses, rituals, etc. for that purpose.


Shinnosuke kujo is seen to be close friends with Ryuzo, a famous painter who painted him. He died during an accident occurring when he was trying to summon the King of Darkness(Homurabi) to obtain immortality along with Haruka parents and older brother.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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