Mayu Asamura
Mayu profile
Name Mayu Asamura
Kanji 浅村 麻結
Romanji Asamura Mayu
Race Human
Gender Female
Relatives Kengo (Brother)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 1: Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 2
Seiyū Ami Koshimizu

She is Kengo's older sister.


Mayu has brown eyes, and long hair. Her hair is naturally black but she dyes it pink. 

She uses pink lipstick and not a lot of mascara. She wears a white jacket and a black t-shirt with lace, a purple mini-skirt and navy blue heels.


Mayu is known to have a flirtatious personality around handsome men, sometimes gone overboard and be delusional about it. She cares about Kengo truly as her little brother shown when she had come into sense when possessed by a parasite Kokuchi and had nearly killed Kengo. Also, Mayu has the same slowness and idiocy like Kengo.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"My measurements are 92-58-85 !"

---to Akira in the ep' 3



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